Builders Spotlight: Polkamarkets for Technology Provisioning
Builders Spotlight: Polkamarkets for Technology Provisioning
Builders Spotlight: Polkamarkets for Technology Provisioning

We are thrilled to announce that Polkamarkets is leveraging our technology for its prediction market matching engine, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features, backend infrastructure and solidity framework.

Fully on-chain and peer to peer prediction market code is one of the use-cases that we’ve been pioneering since last year. We have identified prediction markets as the next wave of consumer adoption in blockchain apps, and began the research and development of this technology in prediction markets to extend our codebase offering.

Polkamarkets is Gamifying Prediction Markets

Polkamarkets is committed to bringing gamified and entertainment-first prediction markets to their users. Key gamification use-cases such as DeFi rewards, live-streaming…

Builders Spotlight: Uzyth to integrate Staking & Governance features
Builders Spotlight: Uzyth to integrate Staking & Governance features
Builders Spotlight: Uzyth to integrate Staking & Governance features

We are excited to announce UZyth is leveraging our technology for token staking and governance features, integrating them in their ecosystem. By leveraging bepro-js, UZyth will add staking and governance into their ecosystem in a quick and simple manner.

UZyth is a blockchain ecosystem that will feature a wide variety of products and services in DeFi and gaming. Operating in the Brazilian market, their current products are mentioned below:

ZYTH GO! Is an augmented reality APP game that lets you catch real UZ Coins based on your location. …

Builders Spotlight: Dotmoovs to use BEPRO Network’s ERC20 Distribution Contract

We are excited to announce dotmoovs has leveraged BEPRO Network’s Codebase for its token distribution smart contract. By using bepro-js, dotmoovs was able to automate its token distribution and vesting mechanisms via a secure and audited smart contracting framework.

Distribution and vesting of ERC20 tokens

dotmoovs is a crypto mobile competition platform that enables peer to peer incentivised competition between athletes. Their AI based video referee will evaluate sports performance in competitions and ensure matches are fair in a variety of sports. Athletes can earn and monetize their sports training at home using Dotmoovs, and be rewarded with MOOV tokens.

dotmoovs used BEPRO Network’s Codebase for…

Builders Spotlight: RealFevr Using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory for Official Football Moments NFTs!

We are excited to announce that RealFevr is dropping official football moments NFTs using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory technology. RealFevr allows fans to collect the most epic moments in football history from some of the greatest players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Bruno Fernandes, and more. These NFTs are all backed by official intellectual property in partnership with Liga Portugal and Federação Portuguesa de Futebol.

The Power of BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory Codebase

RealFevr chose BEPRO Network for its NFT moments collectibles in order to offer…

Clever Advertising, one of the biggest PR and digital marketing agencies in the world of gaming, is using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory Codebase to build innovative NFT features into their products and services! With this new builder on top of BEPRO Network, the potential for builders and developers contributing to and using our codebase increases significantly.

NFTs for Marketing and PR

Clever Advertising is a leading PR and marketing agency for gaming, with over 250 employees. Their clients include some of the biggest names in gaming such as Bet365 and PokerStars. Their media buying activities have resulted in over 500M…

NFTs are certainly one of the biggest crazes in the crypto, blockchain, and the Web3 space. With 2020 being the year of DeFi, 2021 will certainly be marked by the emergence of NFTs.

At BEPRO we are at the cutting edge of the NFT trend and we have the privilege to deal and work with several brilliant projects and teams that are constructing many different apps and solutions using NFTs.

However, we still see a lot of curiosity and misunderstanding around the topic so we decided to start a series of articles where we will cover NFTs end-to-end: we will clarify questions, address common misconceptions, and also cover use cases and opportunities in the NFT space!

The weird crazy world of NFTs…

We think it’s fair to say that NFTs took the world by storm in the beginning of…

BEPRO Tokenomics & Distribution Schedule

Distribution Schedule

We are thrilled to announce that BEPRO Network is deploying onto Binance Smart Chain!

BSC has emerged as a key competitor to Ethereum and other smart contract based blockchains. Recently due the huge demand on the Ethereum network, gas fees have skyrocketed and priced many would-be users out of the market. Binance Smart Chain is an EVM compatible alternative to the Ethereum network with lower fees that maintains Ethereum smart contract functionality and dapps for users and developers.

BEPRO Network, as a Codebase for DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Prediction Markets and more, is thrilled to be deploying our EVM compatible codebase onto BSC to expand into this new and emerging market.

If you haven’t already…

We are thrilled to announce BEPRO Network is partnering with Kylin Network to broaden our decentralised oracle options for our operators on our Polkadot codebase implementation. This partnership will augment our oracle solutions providers for Polkadot-based gaming operators to tap into decentralised price fees, Esports & sports data, and more.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram and Twitter, click here to join the conversation! Please also click here to check out our blog with all our updates!

Building the DeFi and Gaming Codebase for Polkadot

At BEPRO Network, we are committed to bringing the most useful and robust codebase…

BEPRO Network releases NFT Marketplace
BEPRO Network releases NFT Marketplace
BEPRO Network releases NFT Marketplace

We’re proud to announce that we are releasing our NFT Marketplace. This will enable developers and operators to build an NFT Marketplace for NFT Collectibles.

Digital Art is booming and more and more artists are participating. The emergence of NFTs allows artists and creators to finally claim proper ownership of their digital content in a decentralized manner that can also be openly verified by anyone.

Start building

With bepro-js you can easily create NFT collectibles in gaming and esports environments. You can give the opportunity to anyone to acquire digital assets that are unique, rare, and indivisible. …

BEPRO Network is a decentralized web3 protocol to provide SDK development and support for blockchain-based applications.

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