Whitelabel Development DAO — A Deep Dive of the Concept

Whitelabel Development DAO — A Deep Dive of the Concept

BEPRO Network wants to open up its decentralized development DAO infrastructure to the greater Internet, in order to further the decentralization of its network. When large development organizations and enterprises wish to source development, whether through off-shoring or near-shoring, they still wish to maintain brand coherence while tapping into the global market.

Enterprises, technical consulting firms, and development studios want a solution that they can brand as their own while not having to actually create the underlying technology. This is why BEPRO Network has created its white label solution based on its Development DAO.

Decentralized Development White Label Protocol

White label protocol operators will be able to have a place to add their own repositories and provide bounties for their own issue development — all under their own brand. Developers who join their network will know that they are working on issues for a specific client, brand, or company, thereby increasing the coherence of workflows. White label operators can even have multiple forks for multiple repositories under the same umbrella brand, but for different products. The possibilities are endless.

Building their own branded development DAO — Network Creation

For enterprises to get decentralized development from BEPRO Network’s developers, they have to compete with other companies’ issues for developer attention. By white labeling and building their own branded development DAO, they can recruit their own developers all for their own issues and development. White label operators can host their development DAO at any website of their choosing, and not have to publish their own bounties and issues on BEPRO Network’s Development DAO.

Of course, having access to customize and brand a fully working decentralized development platform that allows enterprises to easily and quickly source development talent from all over the world has a cost. In order to white label the BEPRO Network Development DAO, white-label protocol operators will have to stake 1M BEPRO tokens.

Have access to your Network Stats from your own development DAO

White Labeling Benefits for Enterprises

Simply using BEPRO Network’s published code or Development DAO for finding and working on issues has no cost. Normal, non-white label operators can publish bounties for as much (or little) BEPRO as they wish on the general app.bepro.network platform. The 1M BEPRO stake we mention above is ONLY for white label protocol operators who wish to FORK the BEPRO Network’s Development DAO, brand it, and use it as their own separate instance. Once a white label protocol operator has their own branded version of a development DAO, they can do whatever they wish with it, put it on their own website, and even change payment tokens for bounties to any ERC-20 token out there.

White labeling benefits enterprises in several ways:

  • Generating Token Utility for their company (Curation or Payments)
  • Brand coherence when near-shoring or off-shoring developer talent
  • Keep track of issues and development in a more organized manner
  • More flexibility in customizing the development DAO framework to an enterprise’s own needs
Keep track of the bounties on your Network in a more organized manner

White Label Grants — Coming Soon

Additionally, exceptional companies and enterprises will be able to apply for a white label protocol operator grant of 1M BEPRO. This BEPRO grant will not be used for funding by the grant recipient, but instead will be locked in the smart contract to allow the grant recipient to white label and brand their own development DAO, under a new fork.

If you have questions or ideas around the topic, feel free to reach out directly to us, and we’ll be happy to help! Just ping us directly at filipe@bepro.network!

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