How to launch a Bounty Network: Step-by-step guide for promoters

In this guide, we’ll cover every step you need to take in order to launch your own Bounty Network.

  • GitHub Bot — This connects to all the GitHub repositories and manages integration between the protocol and promoter repositories.
  • Web Application — To allow the bounty promoters to open bounties, lock tokens to be curators on the protocol, manage disputes, and reward distributions.
  • Bepro Protocol — A smart contract deployed on the bounty promoter EVM where all the dispute/settlement infrastructures are executed.

Step-by-step guide to launch a Bounty Network

Step 1) Lock BEPRO

Step 2) Set the Network Information

  • Upload your logo icon and full logo.
  • Choose the name to be displayed.
  • Add a description of your company and bounty network.

Step 3) Add your preferred Network Settings

  • Network colours: pick the primary, secondary, and oracle colours to match your brand design. Clicking on “more colours” will provide even more options to edit: text, background, status colours, and more.
  • Fees: These fields indicate the treasury address and both the cancel and closing fees. Cannot be changed, only for reference.
  • Other settings: Over here you can set the dispute time, the percentage oracles need to open a dispute, draft time (how long a bounty will stay in draft after it’s created) and the council amount (the amount of tokens an individual council member needs to have in order to make proposals and bounty revisions).

Step 4) Add your repositories

  • Select the repositories you want to work on.
  • bepro-bot: Ticking the box will allow the bepro-bot to work as a maintainer (for eg., the bot will notify users whenever someone starts working on a bounty).

Step 5) Token configuration

  • Select the network token: The dropdown menu provides a list of all the accepted tokens. You can also add your own token (ERC-20).
  • NFT Token Address: You can also choose to issue an NFT as a certificate of work. Developers who complete the issue will receive an NFT token. In order to do so, click on “Deploy New NFT Token”. Chose a name and symbol for the NFT and click “confirm”. This will prompt a transaction window to appear with the current status information. Once completed, the window will disappear and the NFT Token Address field will be populated.

What are the benefits of a custom Bounty Network?

Welcome to the future of work. Launch your custom Bounty Network today

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