How to join a bounty — Step by step guide for developers

Bounties have been around for a long time and emerged as a way to fix software issues, bugs or develop minor improvements, in exchange for a monetary incentive.

While the fundamental premise hasn’t changed, bounty-driven development is progressively being employed by businesses all throughout the world, with web3 organizations leading the way.

Through Bepro’s bounty platform, you can discover new projects to contribute to and get paid for your work.

Here, you can also connect with other builders and developers, and trade your commits and reviews for rewards in $BEPRO, $USDC, or other tokens.

  1. Find bounties to work on. Explore and find the right bounties for you.

Let’s take a look at how you can earn money by joining a bounty on Bepro Network.

Step-by-step guide to joining a bounty

As a Developer, you should connect your Github in order to use all the functionalities provided by the protocol.

Head over to

Install Metamask

Bepro requires you to connect through a Metamask wallet. You can learn how over here.

Connect GitHub & Metamask

You’ll have to connect your GitHub account and make sure you link your MetaMask address to your GitHub account.

Each Github account is connected to an Address, this way all your rewards or payments will be tied and easily exported via PDF or CSV.

Click on “Connect” and Connect your Github to your Address at the top right of the webpage.

There you will see the option to connect your address and be registered in the system.

Browse the featured bounties list

After you’ve connected to the development DAO, browse all the bounties available in the network.

You can also filter the results by Repository, Bounty State and Timeframe.

Select and enter a bounty

Once you’ve selected a bounty, you can analyze the deliverables, required specifications, and start a Pull Request.

Collaborate with other developers and builders

Developers can also help other contributors in order to finish the work required. You can contribute to an existing open Pull Request by making changes to another Developer Pull Request.

Propose a solution to an issue

Once you’ve developed the required work, fork the original repository and propose a solution by creating a Pull Request on Bepro.

Validation and approval

When you finalize the development of an Issue and you want to be available for Curators to confirm your work and propose a distribution of the bounty, you should “Create a Pull Request” via the webapp.

Following that, the issue creator can analyze your solution and “Recognize as Finished.”

You will then be able to see if any validator proposes a distribution. If you win, the distribution should take place, and you should be rewarded based on your solution.
All the contributors on a bounty will receive a non-transferable NFT as a certificate of completion and recognition of their work.

A curator is a protocol participant who submits a bounty distribution proposal to reward contributors in order to resolve an issue.

Why should you join a bounty?

There are several advantages to participating in a bounty:

  • Bounties can help you earn extra income.

Ready to take on your first bounty?

Check our latest bounties and become a part of the future of decentralized development.



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