dappKit AMA — questions and answers

dappKit AMA — questions and answers
dappKit AMA — questions and answers

Q: How does dappKit connect with TAIKAI Vision for Bepro Network?

Q: From the context of BEPRO/TAIKAI’s goals, what was behind the decision to rebrand bepro.js as dappKit?

Q: How will this dappKit compete with other open web3 resources and what makes it more ‘’unique’’ than the other?

Q: What role do you see the dappKit playing within the Web 2 world?

Q: Has any web2 company shown interest in dappKit?

Q: Could you explain the ‘Free to use forever’ model and how it will help increase the adoption of our dappKit?

Q: How do project templates work? Can the community share templates?

Q: Are there any new functionalities coming up in the near future?

Q: Is Bepro going to launch a no-code web3 building kit in the future?

Q: Do you have a plan to build a bridge to the Cardano ecosystem? A lot of startups will be built around this, so I’m interested to know if this is something that might have been discussed with all the talk about mass adoption.

Constar: How new features developed for the community are proposed to be added to it? What’s the process?

Italian Stallion: Are there any plans to have tutorials on the dappKit for developers with limited knowledge to show them how to use the dappKit, and what would that look like?

Constar: If a product is using a white-label version of Bepro Network, is there a way for us to propose certain features to be added to dappKit?

Want to build your own web3 project? Visit https://dappkit.dev/ to learn more.

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