dappKit AMA — questions and answers

dappKit AMA — questions and answers
dappKit AMA — questions and answers

Q: How does dappKit connect with TAIKAI Vision for Bepro Network?

Mário Alves: That’s an awesome question. Usually, people ask me what’s the point of doing an open-source product and how do we use it to scale to something else. First, this is a product for the community and also by the community.

Q: From the context of BEPRO/TAIKAI’s goals, what was behind the decision to rebrand bepro.js as dappKit?

Mosh: Since dappKit is a complete rewrite of bepro.js, it made sense to rebrand and launch an entirely new product. dappKit is the next version of bepro.js, and both supersedes technically and logically, given it was written to be used as an extensible base to be worked upon, unlike the former bepro.js.

Q: How will this dappKit compete with other open web3 resources and what makes it more ‘’unique’’ than the other?

Mosh: dappKit comes with a little friend, dappKit-launchpad, that reads Solidity contracts and outputs javascript proxies using dappKit classes and helpers. This makes it so that while dappKit does work for any contract — developers can easily upgrade their interaction with the frontend using that tool dappKit does have some direct competitors — if we can call them that.

Q: What role do you see the dappKit playing within the Web 2 world?

Mário: When people think of web3 projects, they think it’s just for folks already involved and experienced in web3. We believe that mass adoption can only happen if there are bridges between web2 and web3.

Q: Has any web2 company shown interest in dappKit?

Mário: At the moment we have a potential client in the financial sector and it’s going to be an interesting journey for them given they want to create a collection of NFTs for their clients.

Q: Could you explain the ‘Free to use forever’ model and how it will help increase the adoption of our dappKit?

Mário: The reason why we’ve made it free to use is that we believe for new projects that don’t have resources in the development of their MVP, it doesn’t make sense to put a price on it. If we want mass adoption, we should put our money where our mouth is and that’s what we’re doing right now.

Q: How do project templates work? Can the community share templates?

Mosh: The project template section on our landing page works just as a helper for lazy coders to try out the dappKit (laughs). Without having to code much, they can see a running project.

Q: Are there any new functionalities coming up in the near future?

Mosh: We are finalizing an update to include gambling/betting contracts to the dappKit, which we count on having live very soon.

Q: Is Bepro going to launch a no-code web3 building kit in the future?

Mosh: For the moment we’re focusing on dappKit and V2 of Bepro Network.

Q: Do you have a plan to build a bridge to the Cardano ecosystem? A lot of startups will be built around this, so I’m interested to know if this is something that might have been discussed with all the talk about mass adoption.

Mosh: As we said in the previous answer, we are focused on finishing Bepro Network’s v2. It’s something we’d like to have, but can’t commit to right now.

Constar: How new features developed for the community are proposed to be added to it? What’s the process?

Mosh: New features developed by the community for dappKit will be built via bounties on the Bepro Network, so it will follow the normal flow of today. Our new features should enter normally, too.

Italian Stallion: Are there any plans to have tutorials on the dappKit for developers with limited knowledge to show them how to use the dappKit, and what would that look like?

Mosh: Currently, our gitbook and documentation have general guides and we try to do that for each contract we have in place. This way, developers will be able to mimic the functionality of every contract.

Constar: If a product is using a white-label version of Bepro Network, is there a way for us to propose certain features to be added to dappKit?

Mosh: It doesn’t quite work that way. The white-label network always receives the same updates that the Bepro Network receives. You can think of it as Bepro Network being an umbrella, and every network under it receives the update.

Want to build your own web3 project? Visit https://dappkit.dev/ to learn more.

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