Bepro Network & TAIKAI Labs Monthly Report — August 2022

This summer has been extremely busy for us as we’ve been working tirelessly to develop Bepro Bounty Network v2. Let’s take a look back at TAIKAI and Bepro’s month:

Bepro Network closes grant to develop the first bounty network for Aurora

We’re thrilled to announce that Bepro Network has closed a grant with Aurora for the development of the first bounty network on the platform!

It will be the first time a Bepro Network product will be available in one of the major web3 protocols, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Learn more about Aurora’s Bounty Network

Bepro Network’s v2 scores 9.8 out of 10 from Hacken security audit

Hacken, a reputable web3 cybersecurity auditor, conducted a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis on Bepro Network’s v2 and we scored an overall of 9.8 out of 10!

This audit is extremely important to ensure the safety of our users and to promote transparency and responsibility among all stakeholders.

Why you should sponsor a hackathon

Organizations looking for new ways to raise brand awareness and recruit top talent can strengthen their strategies by sponsoring hackathons: these events provide a plethora of benefits.

Sometimes, there are hackathons and web3 events that are created by others. But this isn’t a problem. It’s a golden opportunity.

Learn about the benefits of sponsoring a hackathon

Mario Alves interviewed by Hackernoon

Mario Alves, CEO and co-founder of Taikai Labs and Bepro Network, was featured in an interview with Hackernoon, one of the best tech communities.

“I can’t imagine myself doing something else…” says when asked what what he would be doing if he wasn’t part of Taikai.

Read the full interview

Bepro Bounty Network’s v2 is coming…

We’re reaching the final countdown and Bepro Network’s v2 is just around the corner. This new version, focused on decentralized development, was updated with new features, fixes and improvements to the protocol and web app.

What’s more coming in September?

TAIKAI will be the official hackathon platform for EthereumSP!
Also, will attend Nearcon Lisbon and Cosmoverse Medellin as part of the road to Devcon Bogota. In addition, TAIKAI Labs team will hold its annual gathering, where members from all over the world will get together and have a good time.
September looks like another busy month doing what we love!

Stay tuned on Twitter for the latest updates.



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