BEPRO Network, An Autonomous Protocol for Decentralized Development

BEPRO Network, An Autonomous Protocol for Decentralized Development

BEPRO Network is a decentralized autonomous protocol that aims to connect developers looking for freelance work or small gigs, with teams that are building open-source software using GitHub and other repositories.

Take a sneak peek here with this exclusive look at BEPRO Network, currently in the testing phase but soon to be launched on Mainnet on the Moonriver blockchain.

Features Of The Network

Create Issues: You can create an issue via the “Create Issue’’ button. You will need to have your GitHub account connected. In order to create an issue you will have to set up a bounty and set up how much $BEPRO you will want to allocate for the issue.

Creating a new Issue

Work on Issues: If you’re a developer, you can check the list of open issues and start working on any issue. If you click on the issue you’ll be able to see all the details, and also see a link for the issue on the GitHub repository.

Working on a Issue

You can work at your own will and pace on any issue, add comments, make questions, and communicate directly with the owner of the issue.

After you complete the issue, you can make a Pull Request to submit it. The issue creator will then analyze your solution, and if he/she is satisfied he can then Recognize it as Finished.

Recognise as Finished

Propose distributions & make payments: You can also be part of the protocol by getting Oracles and being part of the council. By owning and locking enough $BEPRO one can acquire Oracles, thereby granting access to be a part of the Council. By being part of the council you will then be able to propose payment distributions whenever an issue is completed.

There are different scenarios here:

  • If the bounty/issue was completed by a single developer and was accepted, you can send all the funds to the developer, and get a transaction fee;
  • If the bounty/issue was completed by multiple developers and was accepted, you decide how the funds are distributed among the different developers, and get a transaction fee;
  • If the bounty/issue was not accepted, you will be able to participate in conflict and dispute resolution;
My Oracles
Proposing Distribution
Dispute Resolution

Looking Ahead With BEPRO

You can try all of the above already on our Testnet (link at: but in reality we are just starting. Our mainnet should be launched soon, but we already have many plans for 2022.

Our main goals are:

  1. Continuous Improvement: Create the v1 of “the Network” but followed by upcoming months of regular updates to constantly improve UI/UX, Utility, and usefulness of the network. We will want our community to provide feedback and we will constantly be using that to improve the network further.
  2. Promote Open Grants: Empower the development of several internal and external projects using the BEPRO Network. We will grow our Open Grants Program and use the funds to support as many teams as possible with their projects and ideas;
  3. Community Growth: Create a growing community of developers that use, understand and utilize BEPRO for the management of disputes within the bounties distribution framework, and general network management.
  4. Whitelabeling tool: Build a tool for companies and entities to white label the protocol and create their own branded marketplace, using their own logos and tokens.


As you can see, we have a lot up our sleeve and exciting times are ahead of us! Our testnet covers all the main features, so we’re just wrapping up some final touches. Our mainnet will be launched soon, and 2022 looks amazing!

Looking forward to seeing you all together with us on this journey.

If you have questions or ideas around the topic feel free to reach out directly to us and I’ll be happy to help! Just ping me directly at !

About BEPRO Network

BEPRO Network is a codebase for DeFi, Gaming, Prediction Markets & More. We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications.








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