BEPRO Network Audit Report (Certik)

BEPRO Network Audit Report (Certik)
BEPRO Network Audit Report (Certik)

We’re happy to announce that BEPRO Network Protocol has been audited by Certik, the leading security-focused ranking platform to analyze and monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. CertiK is one of the most trusted blockchain security technology companies in the world, and is on the cutting edge of research and innovation.

In this auditing process, Certik paid special attention to the following considerations:

  • Testing the smart contracts against both common and uncommon attack vectors.

We’re addressing Certik’s findings to ensure a high level of security standards and industry best practices. From a security perspective, we’re working on:

  • Enhancing general coding practices for better structures of source codes;

You can read more at and click on the button to “View PDF”. Stay up to date by joining our Discord Server.

If you have questions or ideas around the topic feel free to reach out directly to us and I’ll be happy to help! Just ping me directly at !

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