Academy Series #15: The importance of White Labels

Academy Series #15: The importance of White Labels

More often than not, there are several moments where organizations (companies, brands, or DAOs) want to provide or offer a specific product or service that complements their core offer.

Sometimes you want to open an online store with your brand, but you’re a retailer, not a software company. Maybe you’re a travel blogger that wants to create an app to interact with your biggest fans, but you don’t have the resources to build one from scratch. Or maybe you’re a startup that wants to create an MVP and instead of building everything from scratch, you use existing software for most of the product.
At the same time, you just focus on a very specific improvement or piece of software.

All of these possibilities can already be done with existing software and white labeling tools, where you simply have to configure the look and feel to create your image and looks. Being able to do these configurations while accelerating deployment and avoiding wasting resources is what white labeling usually means.
Essentially, you’re “leasing” or “renting” the software under some kind of agreement and then using it to your benefit.

White labeling is usually much cheaper than outsourcing too. White label software is typically ready to be used, and it’s mostly provided unbranded to a reseller. The reseller adds their branding or simply removes the original branding and then sells access to the platform as if they developed it.
White labeling is one of the most intelligent, cost-effective tools that will save you time while helping you scale your business!

There are many reasons why organizations or individuals use white-labeled software products for their goals.
In this article, we’ll cover the key benefits of white labels and how they can be helpful for you. We will also cover how you can use Bepro Network to white label your development network with your community.

Why you should choose a White Label

White labeling software is a widespread approach nowadays, and it’s usually very beneficial for both parties.

On one side, the developer mainly focuses on a “Picks & Shovels” strategy and gets more clients for a product it has already created. By also offering the product to resellers (whoever uses the white-labeled software), they effectively gained access to the reseller’s customer base and continued marketing efforts.

On the other side, the white label reseller offers the software to its clients without investing in development. As a result, the reseller can market faster with a proven tool.

It’s important to highlight that, although are there are many benefits, white labeling also has some drawbacks.
For example, it offers less control over specific features or updates. In addition, it can be challenging to integrate into centralized reporting and analytics.
However, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, as we’ll detail shortly in the next section.

Key Benefits of White Labels

If you are contemplating utilizing a white label, you should first grasp the major benefits of the product and whether it meets your needs:

1) Expand Product or Service Offerings
After building your network, community, or set of customers, you can quickly expand your line of product offerings using white-labeled software. You can start providing new products and services relevant to your customers efficiently, thus increasing your revenue streams or improving your retention.

2) Maintaining branding and identity
White labeling allows you to keep your brand. You don’t maintain associations with other offers, and it’s easier to keep in communication with your audience. Additionally, expanded offerings will make the reseller more comprehensive in the eyes of their buyers, thus also expanding and growing your brand penetration.

3) Increasing customer loyalty and retention
Suppose your primary goal is to provide integrated solutions. In that instance, you should first try to identify what relevant or related products your customers are using and then search for a white label version that is integrated with your offer.
By doing this, your customers will stop buying other services and you can, most likely, offer them a better product or service.

4) Reduce go-to-market costs
With white labels, you can increase your time to market for a product or service. Of course, your end goal might be to create your own version or an integrated version of the software. Still, with white label software, you can already test the waters and ship to market for product fit and validation.
This will allow you to learn a lot about the offer, finetune it, and even use it to develop a better product later down the line.

5) Reduce business risks
It will also lower the risk of entering a market because you can simply cancel or not continue with the contract if you realize the product is not getting traction. This way, you can avoid paying vast sums of money to build a product that’s not profitable, whether because there’s no market or better alternatives.

Bepro Network’s White Label

One of the upcoming features in Bepro Network is precisely the capability of any development team to “white label” their development network.

We will debut the white label very soon, but here’s what you can expect in the meantime:

Main Features

  • Deploy a Network/Organization with its own set of repositories and configurations.
  • Network Tokens are configurable by the network owner.
  • Create bounty requests
  • Any transactional token holder can support the bounty and increase the bounty reward.
  • Closable by the owner while in draft.
  • Create funding requests
  • Any transactional token holder can fund and become a benefactor.
  • Benefactors will receive reward tokens based on their funded amount in relation to the requested funding amount.

White Labeling Benefits for Enterprises

Simply using Bepro Network’s published code or Development DAO for finding and working on issues has no cost.
On the general platform, non-white label operators can advertise bounties for as much (or as little) $BEPRO as they choose.
The 1,000,000 $BEPRO stake mentioned above is ONLY for white label protocol operators who choose to FORK the Bepro Network’s Development DAO, brand it, and use it as their own distinct instance.
Once a white label protocol operator has their own branded version of a development DAO, they may do whatever they want with it, including hosting it on their own website and changing the payment tokens for bounties to any ERC-20 token available.

White labeling benefits enterprises in several ways:

  • Developing Token Utility for their organization (Curation or Payments)
  • Maintaining brand cohesion when near-shoring or off-shoring developer talent.
  • Keeping a more organized record of issues and developments.
  • Providing more freedom in tailoring the development DAO framework to the demands of a company.

We covered this topic in-depth as well as the concepts and benefits of Bepro’s white label over here.


There are several opportunities you can take advantage of by using white-labeled software.
The importance of white labels goes beyond their intrinsic value, as they can help your business scale in many ways — regardless if you’re a startup or a well-established enterprise.

Bepro Network and TAIKAI Labs are great options for software development teams looking to outsource development by establishing their own Bounty Network while preserving their brand and community.

If you’d like to test our white label software or learn more about it, feel free to reach out directly to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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