Academy Series #10: Social Tokens in Web3 Ecosystem

Today, our article will cover one of the biggest rising trends in the blockchain and crypto world: Social Tokens.

Social Tokens are a way for creators to issue Tokens in permissionless blockchains and then use them to reward their fan community in many different ways.

In short, it’s a way…

AMA: Answers to the questions received

Some days ago, we gathered questions from our community and audience. We did this to understand the main topics our community cared about and to ensure we answered all the most important issues for everyone.

The turnout was tremendous, and it was great to see the questions and queries coming…

BEPRO Network Monthly Report — November 2021

As part of the BEPRO Network Labs Roadmap, much work has been done to get the protocol ready for mainnet. The month of November marked the most important milestone for BEPRO Network to date, as we released the Code as a Service Protocol in a live environment, premiered at Moonriver…

BEPRO Network Labs is a decentralized web3 protocol to provide SDK development and support for blockchain-based applications.

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