Beware of Scams

Admins or team members and mods will never private message anyone first. We will never ask for wallet details, keys, or funds for any reason. There is no BEPRO airdrop, nor free tokens happening on social media. Watch out for fake BEPRO Telegram groups and fake accounts impersonating BEPRO team members or mods.

Support documentation

To help our community and prevent them from falling victim to scams, here’s a collection of documents available below. You can also follow this

Scam Groups: If you are part of our only official telegram accounts & you might sometimes get added to unofficial…

Network & Testnet Release

Today marks a special day in BEPRO Network’s history. After many intensive months of building, and working non-stop to get our product and idea out with as much quality as possible, we’re happy to finally announce the public launch of our Testnet!

About the Network

The Network is a fully decentralised marketplace and protocol aiming to create a trust-less bridge between Operators and Developers, so they can collaborate in an open and decentralised manner, without having to go through third-parties or other entities to work together.

How to participate

You will be able to participate in the protocol in 3 different ways:

  1. As an Operator;

Academy Series #5: WEB 3.0 & the Future of Internet


Our experience with the Internet today is much different than it was 20 years ago. You probably reached this article by following a shared post, an email newsletter, or an automated suggestion made by an algorithm based on your interests. If after reading this article you clap on Medium, share it on social media, or leave a comment to us you are then participating in the social web that exists today. This interaction paradigm is what we commonly refer to as Web 2.0.

30 years ago, when we started to see the first versions of the Web (1.0), the technology…

Academy Series #4: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) — A Brave New World

We all know that crypto moves at the speed of light. Every day we see new projects, ideas, and opportunities popping up in the space. With this fast pace there comes a plethora of new acronyms and terms that for even the most seasoned veteran it’s hard to keep up with. This is also why we keep delivering these educational articles. We keep up with the trends so you don’t have to!

This week we’ll speak about a new revolutionary way of working and bringing people together, powered by blockchain: DAOs (yes, another acronym…).

So, what is a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization…

BEPRO Network Monthly Report — August 2021

August is usually a slow and holiday month for many, but we didn’t stop. A lot happened in the previous month, as we were fully focused on the development of our testnet, webapp, and the Network. As our testnet has been already working we’ve also started internal testing to make sure everything runs smoothly and gets ready for its release.

Without further ado, here’s a summary of what we accomplished in the latest month:

Grants Program — 1st Batch Announcement

We have disclosed our 1st Batch for the Grants Program, after a long and thorough selection period. 50,000,000 BEPRO will be used to grant funding for…

Builders’ Spotlight: CryptoZau Uses BEPRO Network’s Digital Art Gallery

The future of NFTs and its use-cases in digital art is very promising and growing each day. We are excited to be providing the technology needed to make this a reality for CryptoZau and his digital artwork.

Luis Zau is one of the most promising and emerging Portuguese digital artists and a major talent in contemporary art. His art and vision, started to spread worldwide and enabled him to establish successful projects and partnerships, involving brands and artists in memorable experiences. CryptoZau’s Digital Art Gallery will be launching in October 2021.

Builders’ Spotlight: Lepricon for real-world events hyper-casual prediction game

In this Builder’s Spotlight, we showcase Lepricon who is leveraging bepro-js for decentralized prediction market codebase and backend infrastructure. bepro-js will provide the smart contract infrastructure to develop the engine that will power FansPredict, a real-world events and sports hyper-casual prediction game. Lepricon has announced the launch of this platform for early 2022.

The prediction market industry is rapidly growing with adoption increasing everyday. We forecast that Lepricon will be a driver of this adoption for years to come. FansPredict will enable its users to participate in forecasting outcomes in a variety of markets and genres.

FansPredict uses a hyper-casual…

Academy Series #3: Web3 and the democratization of Play2Earn revenue models

Generating income by playing games? This has always been the dream for any video game enthusiast, and recently we’ve been witnessing several ways players can monetize their participation in the games they play.

However, the money and revenue generated around gaming economies are still highly centralized around the game publisher, the platform owner, and some high-end Esports professionals. Considering how huge the communities around some games are, we actually see a great imbalance of money flows, where income and revenue are poorly and unevenly distributed among all the players and users that interact with and generate value around the game.

BEPRO Network Partners with Pay for Integration with bepro-js

We are thrilled to announce BEPRO Network’s partnership with for the integration of Pay into bepro-js. In addition to this partnership, will receive a grant in our BEPRO Network #BUIDL Grants Program. Pay is a payment gateway that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as payment and seamlessly settle in fiat stablecoins. …

Open Grants Announcement — +1M€ in grant funding for projects building on bepro-js

As you know, earlier this month we successfully launched our grants program. We announced nine amazing teams in our first cohort, all of them working on projects and ideas looking to push further the BEPRO ecosystem and network. At the moment, all the teams and builders are working hard, and we expect to have many updates to share in the upcoming weeks and months!

This successful launch was also a very good learning experience for us at BEPRO: we fine tuned the application process, learned with some positives and negatives, and overall improved our process. …

BEPRO Network is a decentralized web3 protocol to provide SDK development and support for blockchain-based applications.

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